Creating with Starry Night Creations

  • 1 Die 5 Ways - Spellbinders Stitched Christmas Tree Etched Die

    · By Molly Quach

    A stitch in time saves 9. OK, I'm dating myself with that one. But what about a stitched die used 5 different ways creates 9 cards? Hmmm, now I've got your attention! Whether you love to sew or can't sew on a button, you'll love the looks you can achieve with Spellbinder's Stitched Christmas Tree etched die. Best of all - no sewing required (at least for 4 of the designs).   Stitched Christmas Tree Die   The Spellbinders Stitched Christmas Tree die set includes 8 pieces - the tree outline, the stitching plate and the loopy tree detail. There is also a star...