Create Picture Perfect Bows with the Bow Maker

· By Molly Quach

Create Picture Perfect Bows with the Bow Maker

The struggle of creating picture-perfect bows is real. I know. When I teach a make and take and say, "take the ribbon and tie a bow," I hear the groans. 

With the Bow Maker by Starry Night Creations, the struggle is over. It's designed to simplify the bow making process in a few simple steps. The Bow Maker is perfect from card making, scrapbooking and crafting. 

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Want more info, keep reading to see how it works.

Tying a Bow with the Bow Maker


For fuller looking bows, wrap the ribbon around two or three times.


The Bow Maker works with different types of ribbon and twine, however, soft satiny ribbon and twine works better then stiffer ribbons and twines.


Whether you're crafting bows for cards, scrapbook layouts or even for adding the finishing touch to a gift, our Bow Maker is a game-changer. It saves you time and frustration, ensuring that your bows make a stunning statement instead of a tangled, lopsided mess.

Unlock your inner creativity and impress your loved ones with your impeccably crafted bows! The Bow Maker  is suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned crafters. 

Ready to elevate your crafting game and bring a touch of elegance to your creations? Get your hands on our Bow-Mazing Bow Maker today and experience the joy of effortless bow-making!



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