Working on my PHD - Projects Half Done, A Scrapbookers's Notebook

Starry Night Creations

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Stay organized and inspired with our Working on my PHD - Projects Half Done Scrapbooker's Notebook, the ultimate tool for scrapbookers to manage their projects from start to finish. This thoughtfully designed notebook ensures every detail of your creative journey is captured and easily accessible.

  • Layout Listing Pages: Begin with 12 lined pages, each line featuring a convenient checkbox to list out your layouts. Use a page for each month to track the layouts you need to do. Easily check off each project as you complete it, providing a satisfying sense of accomplishment.

  • Detailed Project Prompts: Dedicated pages with prompts guide you to jot down the important details of your layouts. From materials needed to specific steps and techniques, these pages ensure nothing is forgotten.

  • Next Steps: Plan ahead with space to note the next steps for each project. Keep your creative process flowing smoothly by always knowing what comes next.

  • Grid Pages for Sketching: Visualize your layouts with ample grid pages perfect for sketching out project designs, layouts, and patterns. The grid format helps with precision and accuracy in your drawings.

  • Shopping List: The last few pages are designed specifically for creating a comprehensive shopping list. Keep track of all the supplies you need to bring your projects to life, making sure you’re never missing a crucial item.

  • Portable: 9"x6" size is easy to carry wherever you go, ensuring you can track your projects anytime, anywhere.

  • Ample Space: With a total of 100 pages, including project listings, detailed prompts, grid sketches, and shopping lists, you’ll have plenty of room to manage all your crafting endeavors.

Keep your memories organized and on track with the Projects Half Done Scrapbooker's Notebook, your essential companion for turning creative ideas into beautiful finished layouts.