Splatter White Opaque Watercolor


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Splatter White Opaque Watercolor adds bright white splatter highlights to your projects with just a flick of a brush! Use a wet brush to pick up some of the water color, then mix it with additional water on a glass mat or non-stick craft sheet, then flick to splatter. 

This ultra-concentrated paint is versatile and powerful. Add just a tiny bit of paint to water for soft frosted splatter, or dip a little heavier for a crisp, bright white. Splatter White can even be used for lettering, just thin with water in separate jar and letter with a brush or dip pen. 

This jar may be small, but it's mighty! Though it may look like the jar doesn't have much in it, or like it is dried out, that is not the case.  This paint is so concentrated that even the small amount in the jar will last a long time - through hundreds of splatters and beyond. The larger jar gives you plenty of room to wet and load your brush so you can get splattering.

Paint occasionally separates from binding agent, simply mix to reconstitute. Clean with water. Conforms to ASTM D-4236. Made in the USA.

Approximate Size: 0.25 oz/7.39 ml