Olo Color Set 1 4pc Set Spring Collection Brush Tip - 4 Alcohol Markers / 8 Color Set


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This set contains 4 markers. Each marker has 2 colors, one on each end. All colors have a brush tip. The colors are connected with a connector, so the markers are customizable. The marker halves can be switched to other markers.

Handles and additional connectors are available separately.



Each OLO half-marker contains 2ml of ink, for a total of 4ml in an OLO double-ended marker. Traditional markers only have approximately 2ml of ink in total. OLO’s patented free-flow ink technology utilizes over 90% of the ink compared to standard marker technology, with only 65-70% ink usage.



Manufactured in Japan, the new OLO™ marker is developed using patented technology that features a free-flow ink system. Traditional art marker manufacturers use a technology that has remained unchanged for over 30 years. Unfortunately, there are significant issues with this outdated technology.

Traditional markers contain an absorbent material in the barrel that holds the ink in place. However, this same material traps as much as 35% of the ink, causing a volatile ink flow that degrades as you use the marker. The result limits the overall ink capacity that the marker can hold.

OLO’s patented technology solves these traditional marker issues. Thanks to the free-flow ink system, OLO markers hold twice as much ink as any other alcohol marker, with over 90% consistent ink usage.



Due to the outdated technology of your standard alcohol marker, refilling the ink is typically messy and time-consuming. In addition, this same technology degrades over time, causing you to refill your marker more as the ink capacity lowers. With OLO, there is no absorbent material to degrade; simply replace the ink cartridge.

Simply purchase a new ink cartridge when your OLO™ marker runs out of ink. Then, remove the nib and cap from your empty marker cartridge and use it with your new Replacement ink Cartridge. Then, you are back to creating with a few simple steps—no ink to meticulously drip, no accidental overfilling, no ink blobs, and no mess.