Karin Brushmarker Pro Flower Colors - Set of 12

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Karin Brushmarker PRO 12pc Flowers Set - Your Ultimate Creative Companion! Unleash your artistic potential with the all-new Karin Brushmarker PRO 12pc Flowers Set. This comprehensive set has been carefully curated to elevate your creative experience and bring your ideas to life like never before. Whether you're a professional illustrator, an enthusiastic hobbyist, or just starting on your creative journey, this set has everything you need to achieve stunning results with ease and precision.

Karin Brushmarker PRO markers each contain 2.4 ml of water-based paint. Thanks to the “liquid ink” technology featured in Karin markers, the ink remains consistent in quality and vibrancy until the last drop. They are twice as efficient as traditional filter markers. In addition, they are equipped with a Japanese super durable and flexible nylon tip. They contain non-toxic paints with intense dye-based color. The colors can be mixed and lightened, plus tonal transitions can be achieved by contacting the ends of two different marker tips. Store vertically.

Included colors:

  • Sulphur Yellow 269
  • Orange Red 051
  • Fire Red 092
  • Red 209
  • Lipstick Red 181
  • Rose Pink 168
  • Magenta Red 170
  • Burgundy 075
  • Cerise 375
  • Magenta 359
  • Red Lilac 358
  • Pale Violet 247