Karin Brushmarker Pro 11 Basic Colors + Blender - Set of 12

Global Creative / Olo

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Brushmarker PRO's contain 2.4 ml of paint each. They were produced in the "liquid ink" technology thanks to which they do not change the intensity of color to the last drop and allow to control the amount of paint on an ongoing basis. They are twice as efficient as traditional filter markers. In addition, they are equipped with a Japanese super durable and flexible nylon tip.

They contain non-toxic paints with an intense dye based color.

The colors can be mixed, lightened and obtained through tonal transitions by contacting the ends of the markers. 

Colors include:

  • Canary 166
  • Amber 195
  • Red 209
  • Lilac 226
  • Royal Blue 045
  • Turquoise 654
  • Cerise 375
  • Ocean Teal 377
  • Grass 253
  • Henna 105
  • Black 030
  • Blender