Delicate Butterflies Etched Dies


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Delicate Butterflies Etched Dies are from the Bibi's Butterflies Collection by Bibi Cameron that includes eight thin metal dies to make beautiful intricate butterfly designs. You can create a solid butterfly shape for simplicity, layer them for interest or nest the butterfly and inlay dies together for a more intricate design. There are three sizes to choose from.

Approximate Size: LG Butterfly: 2.60 x 2.00 in./6.60 x 5.10 cm LG Inlay: 2.50 x 1.80 in./6.30 x 4.60 cm MD Butterfly: 2.00 x 1.40 in./5.10 x 3.50 cm MD Inlay: 1.80 x 1.30 in./4.60 x 3.30 cm SM Butterfly: 1.6 x 1.50 in./4.10 x 3.80 cm SM inlay: 1.40 x 1.20 in./3.50 x 3.00 cm LG Body: 0.41 x 1.80 in./1.00 x 4.60 cm SM Body: 0.38 x 1.20 in./0.96 x 3.00 cm