About Us


Hi, I'm Molly! I have a love of all things crafting - especially scrapbooking and card making. I've been scrapbooking before 12x12 paper was even a thing. Along with www.StarryNightCreations.com, I have www.MollyQCreates.com, a source for inspiration and technique tutorials. I've also hosted numerous scrap events and created and taught more than 100 make and takes. I'd love to show you what I've done and hopefully show you a new trick or two!

Happy Crafting!


Why Starry Night Creations

I always get asked if I love Van Gough and his painting Starry Night. Sure, I think it's a great painting, but I didn't name my company after it.

You see, I've always had a full-time job and I've always been a night owl. So most of my crafting and creative time happens at night.

I love nature, walks at sunset and gazing up at a star filled sky. I love northern Minnesota where you can really see the stars. And, seeing the Northern Lights is on my bucket list.

When I decided to start a craft business many moons ago, I thought about what inspires me - the starry night. And what do I love to do at night - create! Scrapbook layouts. Cards. Cricut and craft projects. Thus, Starry Night Creations was born.

While this has always been my company name, when I brought my business online, I wanted a domain name that was easily identifiable to what my site was about. The result, ScrapnTime.com. And while I still love the name, my interests have expanded from only scrapbooking to card making and cricut crafting. When I revamped my website, it was the perfect time to rename and go back to where I started -Starry Night Creations.

My style is simple – I like to embellish, but not lose sight of the photos. Photos take center stage, but I love to make the papers and embellishments enhance the story. I tend to do more 2-page layouts then 1-page layouts. But I’ve also been know to create 6-page layouts.

Because so many of the supplies and techniques are similar, my love of scrapbooking also includes cardmaking, paper crafting and all things Cricut.

Join me on this paper and Cricut crafting journey. I hope you will find useful ideas, tips, tricks and techniques that you incorporate into your own scrapbook and crafting journey.

So, what inspires you?

Enjoy the journey and keep creating!